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Hand Carved Walking Sticks will be taking a break for the Christmas season to spend time with family and friends. All sales can still go through but shipping won't take place until January 2nd. At that time we will ship out all orders with priority mail through the USPS.

Explore your world with a companion in the form of a hand carved walking stick!
Walking sticks motivate you to get out and walk. Carved walking sticks and staff are a great way to show off your personality. Visit my carving "Descriptions" page above, to see what carving would be best for you or the person you are getting a walking stick for.

Visit the shop's various departments to customize your walking stick to fit your personality. Stop by the blog in the About Us category to get ideas about sizing, trails and more. Or just browse the gallery section to see custom carvings for past customers.

Do you own a store? Are you interested in buying bulk carvings? Contact me about minimum orders and pricing.




Here you will find carved walking sticks and canes that will help you make a positive statement about yourself while hiking the trails or walking the streets.


Stop by the gallery to view previous carvings or visit the shop to find a carving of your own that fits your personality or interest.


Visit the description pages from the tabs at the top to find the perfect stick or cane for you or someone you are getting a gift for.


Hand Carved Morel Mushroom Walking Stick $34.97

Hand Carved Wood Spirit Walking Stick $44.97

Hand Carved Bear Walking Cane $49.97

Learn about the carver here: ABOUT THE CARVER


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