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Hard Carved

Welcome to Hard Carved wood art. designed custom walking sticks and canes.

Hand carved custom canes and walking sticks. Individual works of art.

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Hand carved custom canes, hiking and walking sticks

A work of art you can carry with you!

Hard Carved has a new line of wine theme walking sticks and Manzanita soon  to be available. We are proud to introduce our beautifully handcrafted canes and walking sticks that have hand carved wood designs. Decorative Folk art wood designs and classic designs. These fashionable canes and walking sticks are much warmer and pleasing to the eye and to others than a cold aluminum or plastic cane from a drug store. These are solid durable walking stick For even tough situations to survive. Each walking stick and cane has an individual work of wood art design which cannot be reproduced. They are signed by the artist.  Our canes and walking sticks are unique with a personal touch. They are hand carved to the contour of the fine wood grain, bringing out the natural beauty of the carefully selected sustainable wood.  These make great gifts for retirement or any occasion where a great gift is presented. 

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Fine craftsmanship and detail

With lots of intricate detail gives you "mobility with style". We use only sustainable and or repurposed woods. What may have been a shovel handle or rake handle at one time can be a classic custom cane or walking stick.

Custom Canes, Hiking and walking sticks with artistic design

Beautifully handcrafted walking sticks, canes and hiking sticks with artistic wood carvings on them. We use sustainable woods. We also repurpose woods that were intended for other use. You can be rest assured no forests are being chopped down for our canes and walking sticks. Water based lacqures are used . For pricing, Call for your custom walking stick or custom cane (805)765-7380 - Yvonne Crist


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we love our customers so feel free to call.  If you have any questions about our  shopping cart or canes and walking sticks, drop us a line or call Yvonne (805)765-7380 we are on

Hard Carved




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Hiking stick with nautical theme


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This is a hand carved hiking stick with artwork from top to bottom. A seal at the top with two baby seals pearched on rocks overlooking a nautical theme. This hiking stick features a sharks tooth along with sharks and other sea life. At the bottom is a stingray. Signed by the artist.